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What is ECA?

Entrepreneurs in Clinical Academia (ECA) is an exciting initiative from the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) offering medical academics in Europe the chance to discover more about the drug development process and how to get the most out of research. It is supported by Celgene and delivered by INSEAD, a pioneer of international business education.

ECA is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover the business potential of research breakthroughs; understand the value of innovative research and how to take it out of the laboratory and in to the market!

Successful candidates are chosen by an independent Candidate Selection Board from FOCIS and INSEAD.

Applications for 2018 are now closed.

Read the following statements from our ECA alumni about the course:

"Overall learnings have met and exceeded my expectations. The course was very well structured and organised with a favour of broad expertise from different specialties." – ECA Candidate (2016)

"It is an amazing entrepreneurship course aiming to give an immense knowledge in several important aspects from the very basic stages of research towards product." – ECA Candidate (2016)

“Thank you for the opportunity. I have learnt more in these 4 days than in 20 years of formal education. My aim now is to apply all this knowledge in real life.” – ECA Candidate (2015)

“I gained a deep understanding of what it takes to set up a biotech company, how patents work, how pharma works, how VCs operate, etc. Overall, a flawless course!” – ECA Candidate (2015)

"This is the best course I have ever attended, and I would highly recommend it!" – Darren Asquith, Glasgow University, Glasgow, UK (ECA 2014)

"It was without a doubt one of the best meetings I ever attended!" – Sander Tas, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (ECA 2014)

"A great opportunity. ECA 2014 was a fantastic experience!" – Paolo Macor, University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy (ECA 2014)

"This course has been even better than I had expected!" – Petra Jones, Karolinska University Hospital Solna, Stockholm, Sweden (ECA 2013)

"Great news that this unique course continues! It is an inspiring contribution to the field!" – Rogier Thurlings, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (ECA 2013)

"A hugely valuable week - I wish it had been available ten years earlier!" – John Isaacs, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK (ECA 2013)